Total Hospital Management Solution

Maayine Cikitsa Hospital Management is designed and developed using Microsoft .NET Technologies, maintains a rich, elegant and sophisticated system to cater every need by a Hospital / Healthcare Unit.

Maayine believes that information about a Patient retrieved analyzed by a hospital need to be kept secured with all honor, Maayine Cikitsa Hospital Management system secures the information and retrieves based on the confidential user credentials at different levels.

Maayine Cikitsa HMS Features - A Bird’s View

  • Patient Management - The primary reason for the service in a healthcare / hospital is a Patient. Managed for the hospital for better service to the humankind.
  • Doctors and Staff Management - They are the key service elements in the hospital, keeping the right information about them makes the system more valuable.
  • Wards and Units - System takes care of keeping the information about all the patients in the hospital, helps the hospital to allocate the bed to the needed
  • Operation Theatres - Information on operations held and surgical needs are taken care
  • Cost Centers - Revenue generated by various departments are categorized and identified using cost centre’s defined in the hospital.
  • Billing - The Billing module records every service rendered to the patient and the track on the payments of the same.
  • Smart cards - Key information about the patient stored and retrieved with ease
  • Pharmacy or Inventory - Keeping track of the pharmacy and inventory of the hospital
  • Prescription - Record of Prescriptions generated for all the patients in all visits
  • Diagnosis History - Every diagnosis is captured and stored in the system for a future retrieval
  • Patient Portal - Online portal for all the patients to know details about themself, patients can also interact with the hospital on various occasions
  • Laboratory - Clinical and Laboratory services provided by the hospital to a patient records are made available online for the concerned doctors and staff

Diversified Features

  • Custom and Tailored Solutions for every client
  • Interfaces to various medical equipments
  • Extensive analyzer and MIS Reports
  • Alert system for all critical and manegerial functions
  • Low cost on software
  • Moduler Designs
  • Diversified access from anywhere and anytime
  • W3C Standards for a better presentation and adoptability